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Monica. 18. Fighting for D.O.11|17|11.

It's Monica Vs. THE WORLD.


I’m so busy, that I didn’t even know that you didn’t call for three days and thirteen hours.

Let’s just see where life takes us

I just wanted to forget about all the stupid shit that happened with my ex.
I totally moved on from him.
I even forgave him.
I admitted to myself that “yes, there were some good times”

But still. I hate the occasional subconscious feeling in my head arguing about how love can lead to hate.

I just hate thinking about Russell because all I think about is broken promises… and if there is anything I hate the most in life its that.

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"I relate to Meg the most, especially when she sings "I Wont Say I’m In Love", just like her I have been hurt in the past with my ex’s and now I’m to afraid to say that I’m in love with my current boyfriend, because of my past relationships."

There are times where my mind slips into the rabbit hole of insecurities but they immediately vanish when I think about you :) <3


…and you know who you are. I love you. x x x x


Being loved by an INTJ - ha ha!


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Hell yes!


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